A holistic reproduction of photochemical motion picture imaging.

Based on empirical data and refined for creative utility.

Built for high-end production. Right in DaVinci Resolve.

Film is nuanced. So is Filmbox.

The look and feel of motion picture film defines a century of art.

As we move beyond photochemical imaging, we need not leave behind its aesthetic quality.

Color & Tone

Film has a unique response to light intensity and wavelength.

Filmbox uses rich empirical datasets to transform scene-referred image data to embody the non-linearities of contact-printed negative.

Detail & Halation

As light strikes color film negative, different wavelengths scatter within the layers of emulsion and affect neighboring image regions in a very specific way.

Filmbox convolves digital image data to exhibit the soft yet detailed quality of the negative.

Grain & Texture

The perceptual intensity of film grain varies with the density of the developed negative.

Filmbox reproduces the quality and tonal distribution of grain as well as other subtle effects of the development process.

Gate Weave & Dust

Film transport mechanisms are not perfectly stable, and labs are not perfectly clean.

If desired, Filmbox can model the subtle instability of real 35mm and 16mm cameras, and procedurally place samples of real dust.

Contact Print

The look of projected film is the combination of the spectral characteristics of the negative and the print.

Filmbox maps the emulated negative to the light output of the digital display using a characterization of the combined photometric response of an actual contact printed negative.

A tool for purists and mad scientists alike

Built for Cinematographers

Simple photographic parameters give DPs and directors a clear vocabulary for communicating their vision across scenes and projects.

Filmbox as a Format

Built for Colorists

If you want to tweak, just pop the hood. Filmbox has plenty of knobs and modes to support advanced workflows and enables you to invent new things from vintage characteristics.

Filmbox User Guide Filmbox Technical FAQ

Filmbox Lite

We made a free version for non-commercial use with limited features, but no time limit or watermark.

Give it a try. Make a short film. Upgrade if you like it.

Download Filmbox Lite

Requires macOS 10.15 or later or

Windows 10 or later with NVIDIA GPU.

Really good film emulation

Version 2.2.6 — Release Notes

Requires DaVinci Resolve 17+ on macOS 10.15+ or Windows 10+ w/ NVIDIA GPU. Linux Resolve & Baselight requires a Studio license.