Release Notes


3 December 2023

  • Increased LUT folder search depth to 6
  • Updated Pro Video Formats to 2.3
  • Updated yt-dlp
  • Updated Blackmagic SDK to 3.5
  • Updated R3D SDK to 8.4.0


12 November 2023

  • Fixed an issue where screenshots could silently fail to save if the destination folder path no longer exists


27 October 2023

  • Added support for BMCC 6K FF via Blackmagic RAW 3.4


24 August 2023

  • Fixed an issue with “Play from URL” media that contained a forward slash in the title (?!)


20 August 2023

  • The splash screen now reflects Screen’s recently opened files more immediately
  • Fixed an issue where “Loading Media, Please Stand By” would be presented for much much too long
  • Fixed an issue with downloading media from certain URLs


11 May 2023

  • Internal performance improvements
  • Updated Help menu
  • Fixed some edgecase bugs


20 March 2023

  • Add 1.66 crop ratio
  • Fix an issue with “Play Movie from URL”
  • Update ARRIRAW SDK (still no Alexa 35 support, sorry!)
  • Update FFmpeg to 6.0


9 November 2022

  • Updated Blackmagic RAW SDK to 2.7
  • Updated FFmpeg to 5.1
  • Update ARRIRAW SDK (still no Alexa 35 RAW support yet)
  • Export width and height when using “Current” is now actually always current


1 August 2022

  • Fixed a range conversion issue for XAVC clips
  • Fixed an issue reading certain MXF files
  • Updated Blackmagic RAW SDK to 2.6
  • Updated RED SDK to 8.3.0


22 June 2022

  • Fixed an issue with playback performance
  • Fixed reading certain ARRIRAW clips


7 June 2022

  • Added preference to allow burning-in image inspection settings like gamma, exposure, and channel isolation in a screenshot
  • Internal updates to RED, Arri, and BMD RAW SDKs
  • Minor performance improvements


2 May 2022

  • Fixed an issue with downloading media from URLs
  • Update newest known Apple Pro Video Formats Plugin version to 2.2.3


3 April 2022

  • Fixed a crash when opening Blackmagic RAW clips that have drop-frame timecodes
  • Updated RED SDK to 8.2.2


23 March 2022

  • Added LUT preview support to the scrubber’s barcode image
  • Fixed an issue with drop frame timecodes in some instances
  • Added preference for hiding the “Welcome Window” on launch and when becoming active from the Dock
  • VP9 WebM files can now be hardware decoded if supported
  • Updated Blackmagic RAW SDK to 2.3
  • Updated RED RAW SDK to 8.2.1
  • Updated FFmpeg to 5.0
  • Updated ARRI RAW SDK


20 January 2022

  • Updated Play in Screen functionality
  • Fixed issue with alpha in image sequences in certain cases


18 December 2021

  • Color tags will now passthrough to exported video instead of re-tagging to Rec 709 (1-1-1)
  • Apply new color tags on export by setting them in the color menu and selecting “Use current color settings” in the export window
  • Added support for specifying a “Custom HDR” colorspace in the color menu


3 December 2021

  • Added support for taking HEIF 10-bit screenshots for macOS 12 Monterey and later.
  • Improved screenshots of HDR media
  • Improved “Play URL” functionality
  • Change the Pro Video Formats download link to a more reliable one
  • Fixed an issue with debayering ProRes RAW in full resolution


8 November 2021

  • Preliminary ARRIRAW decode support on Apple Silicon - CPU only for now!
  • Updated RED SDK to 8.1.0 - this includes the new and improved demosaic
  • Updated Blackmagic RAW SDK to 2.2
  • Fixed a longstanding bug where the Help menu would occasionally not have search functionality.
  • Numerous other small bug fixes


21 September 2021

  • Added a preference for toggling hardware acceleration for FFmpeg.
  • More performant FFmpeg playback for instances where the media couldn’t be decoded with hardware acceleration
  • Improved detection of a proper installation of Apple’s Pro Video Formats.
  • Fixed another issue with seeking and not getting audio immediately upon playback.


14 September 2021

  • Fixed another (!!!) potential issue when playing audio
  • Fixed an issue with reading multi-line comments in Resolve EDL markers.
  • Fixed a bug setting in and out points in rare circumstances


11 September 2021

  • Fixed an issue where Screen would prefer the integrated GPU for playback in some situations


27 August 2021

  • Fixed a “Match QuickTime” color management discrepancy in macOS 11.0+ with media that lacks both a colorspace and a transfer function tag
  • Fixed another issue with audio playback in rare circumstances
  • Various internal updates


27 August 2021

  • Hover over metadata in the inspector to get the original “namespaced” key if available
  • Fixed an issue where audio might “click” during playback under certain conditions
  • Many internal performance improvements and bug fixes


7 May 2021

  • Improved responsiveness when adding a lot of media to a playlist at once
  • Added a progress indicator to media in playlists to show that work is actually being done in the background to load the media!
  • Prevent a crash from happening in FFmpeg in certain situations


4 May 2021

  • Preliminary support for playing Canon RAW (.CRM)!
  • Added a Help menu shortcut for resetting Screen’s preferences
  • Various bug fixes


8 April 2021

  • Added a preference to allow changing the priority of AVFoundation (Apple’s native playback and decoding engine) and FFmpeg. Unchecking this preference will give FFmpeg priority over AVFoundation, which means that Screen will use FFmpeg if it can play back the file.
  • Hopefully fixed an issue where the Help search bar was not appearing
  • Fixed a bug with scrolling in the Markers sidebar
  • Fixed an issue where unchecking the “Remember color and sizing settings” preference would actually result in no preferences getting remembered.
  • Updated R3D SDK to 8.0.2
  • Updated Blackmagic RAW SDK to 2.1 Public Beta 4


30 March 2021

  • Added preference for preventing the Export Manager window from automatically opening when adding an export job or when an export job finishes
  • Fixed issue opening ARRIRAW MXFs that were media managed by Resolve
  • Fixed an issue opening some non-standard QuickTime files


25 March 2021

  • Fixed an issue with incorrect timecode in a clip with variable framerate and a timecode track
  • Fixed an issue with clean aperture with certain ARRI ProRes clips
  • Various bug fixes and performance enhancements


19 March 2021

  • Fix opening a MXF that Pro Video Formats 2.2.1 doesn’t support.


17 March 2021

  • Fixed issue (regression) with treating each multi-part R3D file as it’s own media!
  • Upgraded Blackmagic RAW to 2.1 Beta 3


9 March 2021

  • Re-exposed advanced caching controls.


7 March 2021

  • Preliminary support for ARRIRAW in .ari, .arx, and .mxf containers. CPU-only decode, very slow! GPU decode coming soon.
  • Fixed an issue with certain YCbCr content.
  • Many bug fixes.


6 February 2021

  • First Universal 2 (Intel / Apple Silicon) release. Screen is now faster than ever when running on Apple Silicon.
  • Fixed a crash when adding media to a playlist.


21 January 2021

  • Fixed an issue where the “Media Loading” progress window wouldn’t close in rare instances.


20 January 2021

  • Added a loading progress window that will appear if Screen is taking a long time to open a clip.


18 January 2021

  • Further optimized file sequence detection
  • Fixed a bug opening certain file sequences


15 January 2021

  • Sped up file sequence detection by a lot (a lot, a lot!)
  • Fixed an audio playback stuttering issue in certain cases
  • Various bug fixes and optimizations
  • Updated to RED SDK 8.0.0
  • Various performance and bug fixes


4 January 2021

  • Added support for 12K Blackmagic RAW
  • Fixed issue exporting high bit-depth videos to certain ProRes formats.
  • Tweaked some UI elements for Big Sur
  • Various performance improvements and bug fixes


26 September 2020

  • Updated for macOS Big Sur - check out the new icon!
  • Complete overhaul of the media playback engine. Should play faster, snappier, etc.
  • Added export option for Apple ProRes 4444 XQ
  • Allow scaling down the movie player window to a very small size
  • Fixed an issue with videos with very tall aspect ratios from displaying correctly.
  • Improved GPU decode support for RED and BMD clips.
  • Updated Movie Downloader compatibility
  • Updated to Apple Pro Video Formats 2.2
  • Fixed issue opening GoPro MP4s


25 September 2020

  • Added more pixel aspect ratios
  • Speed up Screen’s initial launch if launched because of opening a video
  • Fixed an issue with off-by-one frame durations in certain situations
  • Prevent UI from disappearing in fullscreen if editing a marker
  • Minor bug fixes


6 July 2020

  • Fixed issue where playlists couldn’t open
  • Fixed issue where setting a custom colorspace or transfer function for preview for a movie wouldn’t restore on a subsequence reopening of the movie
  • Further optimized ProRes 422 decoding


22 June 2020

  • Faster decode for most codecs that use YCbCr
  • Fixed an issue with macOS 10.13 High Sierra unable to open certain movie types
  • Fixed a rare crashing bug


12 June 2020

  • Fixed a bug introduced by macOS Catalina causing H.264 and H.265 QuickTimes and MP4s to display in the wrong colorspace if tagged with an undefined transfer function with a gamma tag. We have reached out to Apple to see if they can more concretely fix this bug on their end.


11 June 2020

  • Added preference to set the default size of an opened movie as a percentage of your display’s area
  • Added preference to make videos with resolutions smaller than the default size to actually scale their pixel for pixel resolution
  • Support for scaling to Pixel for Pixel for videos with a smaller resolution than the player window’s minimum size
  • Fixed issue dragging movie windows around while clicking the title


2 June 2020

  • Better metadata reading support for QuickTime and MP4 containers.


1 June 2020

  • Added preference to allow dropping frames to keep up with playback
  • Any user input to the player (play, pause, seek, etc.) will now immediately drop all pending frames to display for ultimate snappiness. This should fix issues where pressing pause would play through all pending frames first before actually pausing.


11 May 2020

  • Fixed a bug where some users on macOS Catalina would be asked for license information on every launch


11 May 2020

  • Various crashing bug fixes


6 May 2020

  • Screen will no longer ask to connect to previously connected networks when loading recently opened movies
  • Fixed a bug where users with registered licenses would have to re-enter their registration information


17 April 2020

  • Fixed a rare crashing bug while opening a movie


16 April 2020

  • At long last, you can can create playlists in Screen! Import a collection of movies and folders and view them all in the same window. You can even copy/paste preferences like LUTs and Cropping to apply to other movies in the playlist.
  • Support for EDR tonemapping for movies with static HDR 10 metadata or a HLG tag when using “Match QuickTime” color management (macOS 10.15+ required). Please note that screenshots of system tonemapped material will not match the viewer!
  • Added a preference to disable horizontal scrolling for scrubbing (mainly for Magic Mouse users)
  • Added a preference to specify maximum folder search depth
  • Squashed a significant amount of bugs


9 March 2020

  • Respect rotation metadata from QuickTime and MP4 movies
  • Fixed a bug where MacBook Pros with discrete graphics cards wouldn’t automatically switch to discrete on macOS Catalina
  • Fixed a bug where custom bitrate and keyframe interval couldn’t be edited in the export window


7 March 2020

  • Updated to Blackmagic RAW 1.7
  • Fixed a show-stopping crash when opening movies
  • Go To Timecode now supports “.” as a replacement for “00”. For example, to jump to 01:00:30:00 type “01.30.” or to jump to 00:01:30:00 type “.0130.”
  • Each tab in the Preferences window now has the same width
  • Fixed an issue opening ProRes RAW videos
  • Fixed an issue with Screenshots and non-even pixel dimensions
  • Prevented a unlikely crash from occurring during export


18 February 2020

  • Added auto-detection of start timecode to help find a “best fit” for importing Markers
  • Added support for Avid Tab-Delimited Markers (.txt)
  • Interlacing info now available in the inspector
  • Prevent Screen from crashing when a movie is opened with too large of a resolution (width or height > 16384). Super high resolution support TBA!
  • Fixed a bug opening certain AVI files
  • Fixed an issue with the video downloader


6 February 2020


  • Add markers to your movies!
  • Zoom in and out of the timeline to get a more precise look at your markers
  • Import and export markers in CSV and Resolve Marker EDL formats
  • Added a panel with a list view of markers

Bug Fixes

  • Added Undo/Redo for most preference changes
  • Fixed a problem with alpha channel not showing up in some instances
  • Fixed various crashes


6 January 2020

  • Added a menu item and keyboard shortcut for copying the Pixel Sampler’s values
  • Fixed issue where the Pixel Sampler wouldn’t respect the precision specified in the preferences


26 December 2019

  • Fixed an issue where REDRAW files wouldn’t open


21 December 2019

  • Internal bug fixes


17 December 2019

  • Improved loading of movie preferences if any preferences reference a movie on a slept disk
  • Fixed a bug where loading a movie with an unknown video codec could cause a crash
  • Fixed an issue with loading media containing tracks with an unspecified framerate


10 December 2019

  • Added ability to reorient a movie in 90° increments in Sizing settings
  • Better detection of Arri ProRes MXF videos with pixel padding
  • Added preference for changing the “Play URL” download location
  • Added preference to prevent the “Welcome to Screen” window from opening after the last open movie is closed
  • Fixed bug with getting the correct start timecode for trimmed QuickTime movies
  • Fixed issue with certain movies not actually muting when muted
  • Fixed issue opening certain greyscale image formats


19 November 2019

  • Support for a myriad of new formats and containers! MXF, DNx, all XAVC and AVC codecs, MKV, WebP, HAP, and many more.


29 October 2019

  • Spooky Halloween surprise!
  • Updated Blackmagic RAW to 1.5.2
  • Improved slow-to-open .MTS and .TS files opening speed


29 October 2019

  • Spooky Halloween surprise!
  • Updated Blackmagic RAW to 1.5.2
  • Improved slow-to-open .MTS and .TS files opening speed


21 October 2019

  • Fixed a bug where Macs with lower-end or older GPUs would crash reading REDCODE RAW clips


21 October 2019

  • Added support for taking screenshots with bit depths greater than 8-bit
  • Added support for exporting 16-bit float EXR screenshots
  • Fixed several other minor bugs


16 October 2019


  • Export a “trimmed” version of your movie when you set in and out points. This will perform a lossless copy of the movie’s trimmed media into a new file. QuickTime (.mov), MPEG-4 (.mp4), Blackmagic RAW (.braw), and REDCODE RAW (.R3D) currently supported
  • Screenshots (PNG, TIFF, HEIC) can now optionally preserve the alpha channel of the original movie. By default, this preference is disabled and the movie will be composited against black.
  • Support for opening WebP images
  • Quick Look plugin support for WebP images
  • HEVC with Alpha now allows inspection of alpha channel (macOS 10.15 Catalina and above)
  • Alpha channel mode (Straight or Premultiplied) will show up in metadata if an alpha channel exists


  • “Ahead” frame caching will now smartly stop at or wrap around in and out points
  • Better Premultiplied/Straight Alpha detection in ProRes

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug where caching “On Demand” wouldn’t cache every frame in the movie even if there was enough memory to do so
  • Fixed a bug where clicking “Setup LUT Library” wouldn’t actually take you to the Color preferences tab


11 October 2019

  • Added cache modes “Ahead” and “On Demand”
  • Added Linear transfer function to Color Management
  • Added default cache mode selection for video and image sequences in the preferences
  • Added a Cache menu with Cache Mode selection and a Clear Cache button
  • Improved rendering performance
  • Updated Pro Video Formats version detection to 2.1.1
  • Fixed an issue reading EXRs with more than RGBA channels correctly


7 October 2019

  • Added “Frame Width” field for Barcode Export
  • Fixed a bug where Screen would request ability to create notifications in macOS Catalina
  • Fixed some bugs that would cause Screen to crash


4 October 2019


  • Improved JKL transport controls to better match NLEs. While holding K, you can tap J to step backward one frame or tap L to step forward one frame. While holding K, you can hold J to slow reverse play 0.5x or hold L to slow forward play 0.5x. K key will now only stop playback (instead of toggling playback)
  • Added ability to clear just the in or out points


  • R, G, B, A, and Y keys are now the shortcuts for toggling Red, Green, Blue, Alpha, and Luma channel isolation respectively - C will cycle through all channels
  • Moved around some menu items for better organization
  • Changed some keyboard shortcuts to better match NLEs

Bug Fixes

  • Tweaks for memory management on export - should fix some issues with excessive memory usage on long exports
  • Fixed a crash that could happen when external GPUs are added or removed


2 October 2019

  • Added support for exporting without audio
  • Added support for Loop and Ping-Pong playback behaviors
  • Fixed an issue with resuming smooth playback after playing at 2x speed
  • Fixed a bug in macOS 10.13 with reading 16-bit float EXRs without alpha channels incorrectly


29 September 2019

  • Added support for BMD Raw anamorphic metadata
  • Fixed a bug where Screen would crash when clicking the “+” button to add a new video to a tab


28 September 2019

  • Fixed a bug where the version check for Pro Video Formats plugin would cause a crash


28 September 2019

  • Added 1:1 crop ratio
  • Timecode no longer rolls back around to 00:00:00:00 when hitting 24 hours


26 September 2019

  • Now Playing
Super pro video player

Version 1.7.14 — Release Notes

Requires macOS 10.13 or later, 10.15 or later recommended.

Runs natively on Intel and Apple Silicon Macs.

Certain formats require Apple Pro Video Formats to be installed.