The video player for video people.

Minimal interface with no distractions.

Timecode, LUTs, crops, flops, and all the pro stuff.

Image sequences. RAW. Metadata. Proper keyboard shortcuts.

Super fast exports, screenshots, and a smorgasbord of other delights.

An interface that isn't in your face.

Menus and controls stay out of your way until you need them.

Nothing overlays the video image, so you can focus on your work.

Use the keyboard shortcuts you already have in your muscle memory.

A “barcode” of thumbnails in the timeline lets you navigate huge files effortlessly.

Power tools for video pros.

RAW video
Play raw video from ProRes RAW, RED and Blackmagic cameras.
Image Sequences
Play a sequence of images just like any other video.
Full, accurate timecode support including jump-to-timecode, frame counts, and multiple timecode tracks.
Metadata Viewer
Examine the metadata of any video file.
Pan & Zoom
Zoom in to get a closer view of any frame. Even while playing. Toggle "Pixel Perfect" to see the actual pixels.
Crop & Letterbox
Crop the image to any aspect ratio, with or without black bars.
Pixel Aspect Ratio
Square pixels? Rectangular pixels? Watch the video with any pixel geometry.
Flip, Flop & Orientation
Easily flip the image horizontally or flop it vertically. Image came out sideways? Reorient in 90° increments.
Movie Preferences
All preferences for the movie will be remembered every time you load it, even if you move or rename the file.
Quick Look Plugin
A blazing-fast Quick Look Plugin to preview and thumbnail special image formats like DPX and RLA.
Import a collection of movies and folders and view them all in the same window.

Full support for the codecs and file types you use every day.

Video Playback
ARRIRAW (Pre-Alexa 35 only currently)
Apple Intermediate Codec
Apple ProRes
Apple Uncompressed 4:2:2
Blackmagic RAW
Canon Cinema RAW
H.265 / HEVC
Image Sequence Playback

3GPP (.3gp)
Audio Video Interleave (.avi)
Digital Video (.dv)
MPEG-2 TS (.m2ts, .ts)
MPEG-4 (.mp4, .m4v)
Material Exchange Format (.mxf)
Matroska (.mkv)
QuickTime (.mov)
Video Export
Apple ProRes 422 HQ
Apple ProRes 422 LT
Apple ProRes 422 Proxy
Apple ProRes 4444
H.265 / HEVC

In Living Color

An optimized color pipeline lets you try looks with ease.

Apply a library of LUTs in real-time to any video.

LUTs embedded in the video file are automatically applied (if you want).

High Bit Depth
10, 12, 16-bit? Screen always uses the highest bit depth possible for your video.
Color Sampler
Sample the RGB values of any pixel in their native bit depth.
Color Management
Bypass color management completely, or view with standard color spaces. Improved color accuracy over QuickTime Player X.
Apply LUTs
Any LUT format supported by Lattice can be applied in Screen.
LUT Library
Link to a folder structure with LUTs, or share your DaVinci Resolve LUT folder.
Gamma & Exposure
Control gamma and exposure in real time, before or after the LUT.
Channel Viewer
Isolate a single channel of the video, including alpha if present.
Leverage macOS system tonemapping for Pro Display XDR and other EDR displays.

Screen Grab

The best way to make screenshots from video.

Screenshot While Playing
Convenient keyboard shortcut for instantly taking screenshots while watching.
Hold the option key and drag and drop frames directly from the video to Finder or other apps.
Timecode in Filename
Choose the timecode or frame count (or no suffix) when exporting.
Embed Color Space
Embed the color space of the video into the image.
Customizable File Types
Capture a frame directly to HEIF, JPEG, PNG, TIFF, or OpenEXR.
High Bit Depth and Alpha
Retain detail in your movie screenshots by exporting in high bit depth (integer or float) image data and optionally preserve the alpha channel.

Export & Transcode

A simple export system, with the options you actually want.

Common Movie Codecs
Export H.264, H.265 / HEVC, and all types of ProRes.
In and Out Points
Set in and out points to trim the length of your video.
Export with LUTs
Export your video with a fresh new look.
Tweakable Encoding
Control keyframes and bitrate as you export.
Crop on Export
Control crop, letterbox and sizing.


Create unique images that show the look of an entire film.

Get a sense of your film's overall look, or just create some cool artwork.

Barcode Export
Export a barcode at any resolution straight to an image file.
Touch Bar & Playhead
It's super easy to find the part of the video you care about with the barcode visible on the Touch Bar and in the playhead track.
Super pro video player

Version 1.7.14 — Release Notes

Requires macOS 10.13 or later, 10.15 or later recommended.

Runs natively on Intel and Apple Silicon Macs.

Certain formats require Apple Pro Video Formats to be installed.