Release Notes


12 May 2023

  • Fixed an issue reading cube LUTs when Streambox Media Player is installed
  • Updated the Help menu with new links
  • Removed some broken links


28 March 2023

  • Fixed an issue with CMS Test Pattern reading


2 September 2022

  • Fixed an issue converting CDLs on old macOS versions


8 August 2022

  • Fixed an issue reading certain CDL files


1 July 2022

  • Fixed an issue with importing CDLs in recent macOS versions.
  • Updated ACES version to 1.3


21 April 2022

  • Fixed an issue with 64x HALD LUTs being incorrectly interpreted as a different image LUT format.


29 May 2021

  • Actually fixed issue with description element getting placed in a CCC.
  • Fixed DaVinci Wide Gamut green primary X coordinate (?!?!!)


25 May 2021

  • Added ability to export ACES workflow LUT as just a 3D LUT
  • Added DaVinci Wide Gamut + DaVinci Intermediate
  • Fixed issue with extraneous XML field in CDL export


1 March 2021

  • Added support for the “PNG 3D LUT” format.
  • Added support for writing/reading image-based LUTs using PNG.


20 January 2021

  • Fixed an issue where the LUT’s filename would become hidden by the toolbar in Big Sur.


14 January 2021

  • Added preference to “aspect fill” your preview image in a Quick Look thumbnail
  • Fixed an issue with Quick Look thumbnails appearing distorted
  • Fixed an issue with the Quick Look plugins not using the custom preview image


7 January 2021

  • Fixed bug with previewing LUTs on High Sierra
  • The Quick Look extensions will now use your custom preview image (if set)
  • Added ability to toggle the “diagonal wipe” effect of the Quick Look plugin in the preferences for Lattice


12 December 2020

  • Replaced the old Quick Look plugin with a modern new one!


3 December 2020

  • Updated for macOS Big Sur - check out the new icon!
  • Raised minimum macOS requirement to 10.13


6 November 2020

  • Added support for reading FilmLight .cub format as a 3D LUT
  • Added more ACES Working Spaces in the “Export LUT for ACES…” menu


28 August 2020

  • Added Pocket 6K Transfer Functions
  • Fixed a few bugs


7 July 2020

  • Added an export tool to adapt a 3D LUT for a Resolve ACES workflow. It creates a .cube LUT with a 1D shaper and 3D LUT, so only Resolve will be able to read the exported LUT.


8 May 2020

  • Bumped minimum OS version requirement to macOS Sierra (10.12)
  • Fixed an issue parsing a .cube with non-floating point input bounds


18 February 2020

  • Prevent CDLs imported in the Batch Exporter from being approximately converted when exporting as “Approximate CDL”. Original CDL values will be used instead.
  • Added CCC export support for single CDLs in the Apply CDL tool
  • Added CCC as an Approximate CDL export option


16 September 2019

  • Raised minimum version to macOS 10.11 El Capitan
  • Present a useful error when a CTL can’t be read


7 August 2019

  • Updated the app icon!
  • New toolbar icons for dark mode
  • Fixed a crashing bug with “Export Approximate CDLs”
  • Added an option in the Help menu to unregister your license


16 January 2019

  • Added BMD Wide Gamut, set BMD Camera colorspaces to Legacy
  • Updated BMD equations to be more precise
  • Added “Add Key” pull-down menu to the file name scheme in the batch exporter to make it easier to insert fields such as original filename, LUT format, size, etc.


27 November 2018

  • Added Nikon N-Log transfer function. N-Log’s native white point is D65 and colorspace is Rec 2020.


25 September 2018

  • Light and Dark Mode support for macOS Mojave
  • Added a “faux” Dark Mode for macOS High Sierra users


28 August 2018

  • Improved 3D LUT Reversing
  • Added support for reading Filmlight DAT LUTs
  • Improved reading 1D Cube LUTs
  • Fixed a problem where reading an unsupported LUT would cause Lattice to crash.


12 July 2018

  • Prevents saving an Arri Look File 2 with a filename of more than 28 characters
  • Tweaked Arri Look XML saturation approximation


20 May 2018

  • Fixed a bug that could cause Lattice to crash.


9 May 2018

  • Added a 3D LUT smoothing tool called “L-Path Smoothing” under Edit -> Offset
  • Fixed a bug for older versions of macOS


27 April 2018

  • Added “$xIndex”, “$rIndex”, “$gIndex”, “$bIndex” to Apply Expression Tool


13 February 2018

  • Added DJI’s D-Log and D-Gamut
  • Added a clamp function to the Apply CDL tool in order to conform to ASC-CDL spec


23 January 2018

  • Added support for Hybrid Log-Gamma
  • CSV LUTs with scattered data entries can now be read
  • Transfer Functions and Color Spaces are now alphabetized (it was becoming hard to read)


22 October 2017

  • Fixed a Save/Export panel bug in High Sierra.


30 May 2017

  • Added ability to export the selected CDL or all imported CDLs in the Apply CDL tool (.cdl, .cc, .ccc).
  • Fixed a problem with reading ICC profiles. It’s much more accurate, but still needs a bit of work.


16 May 2017

  • Added “Canon Log (Not Scaled)” Transfer Function for C100 MK2 and C300 MK1
  • Added IO Industries 1D LUT Format
  • Added a “Device” class ICC export option
  • More accurate 3D LUT Reverse logic
  • Improved Batch Export UX
  • Fixed a bug where the splash screen’s file list would be inaccurate
  • Fixed some UI misalignments


17 April 2017

  • Tweaked Batch Export interface
  • Added ability to override LUT Title and Description metadata in the Batch Exporter
  • Added ability to “Combine with LUT” in the Batch Export LUTs window
  • Fixed a bug when exporting Arri Look File 2 LUTs with long descriptions


9 April 2017

  • Added Bolex Log and Bolex Wide Gamut RGB
  • Added F-Log and F-Log Gamut (Fujifilm)
  • Reordered Color Spaces a bit
  • Fixed a precision issue with Cineon and REDLogFilm
  • Added some initial links to documentation


14 February 2017

  • Fixed an issue with reading/writing a non-standard eeColor format.
  • Added $xIdentity, $rIdentity, $gIdentity, and $bIdentity variables to the expressions tool.


10 February 2017

  • Added support for exporting a 1D LUT as a Lightroom Preset. Please know that Lightroom only supports a maximum of 16 control points on a curve.


6 February 2017

  • Improved Alexa Look approximation
  • A handful of bug fixes and performance improvements


25 January 2017

  • Fixed a bug where sometimes exporting an Approximate CDL would crash Lattice


23 January 2017

  • Added ADX10, ADX16, and ACEScct Transfer Functions
  • Added support for ACES 1.0.3
  • Improved import of CMX EDL CDLs
  • A 1D LUT with equal channels will now describe its type as “1D LUT (Tonemap Only)”
  • Improved Quantel LUT read support
  • Fixed a bug with Quick Look Preview of LUTs
  • Fixed some UI bugs


22 September 2016

  • Added ACESproxy and ACEScc transfer functions to the colorspace converter
  • Renamed ACES Gamut to AP0 (ACES Primaries 0) and added AP1 (ACES Primaries 1) in the Color Space converter
  • Fixed a bug with the “Apply CTL” tool in Sierra and apparently El Capitan 10.11.6 and beyond
  • Fixed an issue with both 1D and 3D image preview potentially becoming corrupted when previewing EXRs or QuickTime movies


9 September 2016

  • Full support for macOS Sierra
  • Tetrahedral LUT preview support for macOS Sierra, Mavericks, and Yosemite. Due to unforeseen circumstances, Tetrahedral preview is not possible on El Capitan
  • Re-enabled previewing up to 65536 sized 1D LUTs without having to downsize to 4096 for macOS Sierra, Mavericks, and Yosemite. Due to unforeseen circumstances, previewing up to 65536 sized 1D LUTs without having to downsize to 4096 is not possible on El Capitan
  • Added CanonLog3
  • Added REDLog3G10 and REDWideGamutRGB
  • Added support for the AJA 1D LUT (.txt) format
  • Added support for ACES 1.0.2
  • Combining a LUT will always use the original LUT’s input bounds in the resultant LUT
  • The Lattice splash screen will now always show when there are no LUTs open
  • The spinning progress wheel for processing a LUT will now stop when the LUT preview is done processing
  • Fixed a bug where the title or description of the LUT wouldn’t get saved in some circumstances


1 June 2016

  • You can now export an “Approximate CDL” in the old-school .cdl format
  • Improved the experience of adding new LUT formats to the batch exporter
  • Added option in the Batch Exporter to allow exporting to the “Same as Source LUT” directory instead of having to always specify a new directory
  • Added “Approximate CDL” format to the Batch Exporter
  • Added support for Convergent Design .cdlut format
  • Added GoPro ProTune Flat log function and ProTune Native color space
  • Added DJI Log (Experimental) function
  • Added D93 (Japan) white point
  • Allow up to 144 sized (?!?!) CLUT
  • Tweaked Flame 3DL options


23 April 2016

  • Added an experimental 3D LUT reverse feature
  • Added BMDFilm 4.6K, Phantom Log 1 and 2 transfer functions
  • Added BMDFilm 4K and 4.6K colorspaces - special thanks to Tashi Trieu for deriving these!
  • Renamed colorspaces: “DCI-P3” to “P3” and “DCI-XYZ” to “DCDM-X’Y’Z’”
  • Removed footlambert compensation from “CIE-XYZ” colorspace
  • “Auto-Adjust Scene Minimum” feature will now shift the minimum scene value of the source function to match the destination function by simply adding the difference to the scene linear data. Previously it just scaled source scene values below zero to scale with the destination scene values below zero.


31 January 2016

  • Fixed some major UI issues for OS X 10.9 Mavericks. Thanks for everyone’s patience!
  • Added support for ACES 1.0.1
  • Added RED’s Log3G12 transfer function


11 January 2016

  • Added a utility to determine “best fit” CDL values (Edit->Analyze->”Approximate CDL Values…”).
  • You can now “Export Approximate” CDL .cc and Arri Look (Version 1) .xml.
  • Added the ability to drag and drop CDL or CTL files into a LUT window.
  • Added the ability to export an ICC profile for use in software like Photoshop (will not look the same way when opened in Lattice).
  • Added Dolby PQ with a peak white point to the Color Space Converter.
  • Added a “Invert” feature in the Apply CDL tool.
  • Added support for Apple Color and Pandora LUT formats.
  • Fixed some issues with dragging in Image Data into the viewport.
  • Improved the accuracy of the “identity line” in the Curves view.


1 December 2015

  • You can now drag and drop opened LUTs to combine them!
  • Added support for the Canon CSV LUT format.
  • Fixed an issue where CTLs could not import successfully.


15 November 2015

  • You can now import CDL files into the batch exporter as 3D LUTs. You can use a [ccid] token in the naming schema.
  • Added support for Iridas ITX LUT format.
  • Added a “Flame” variant for 3DL LUTs.


19 September 2015

  • Fixed a bug with custom Save/Export options resizing


11 September 2015

  • Full support for El Capitan!
  • Added support for Colorfront 3D LUT (.3dmesh) and 1D LUT (.1dlut).
  • The CMS Test Pattern reader now samples the center of each color block.
  • Added CanonLog2 transfer function.
  • Slightly adjusted CanonLog equation.
  • The Save and Export settings panels now efficiently “shrink to fit” based on the amount of available options.


31 July 2015

  • Swapped Forward and Inverse Dolby PQ HDR functions
  • Added support for out-of-spec CDL “ColorCorrection” nodes


4 July 2015

  • Fixed a bug with the Apply CDL tool parsing .cdl files.
  • Added an “Invert” option in the Apply Color Matrix window.


1 July 2015

  • Fixed a bug where importing an invalid file in the “Apply CDL” window would hang Lattice.
  • Added 33 and 65 LUT sizes for exporting in the 3DL “Legacy” format.
  • Slightly adjusted Legal and Extended values.


6 May 2015

  • Fixed a bug where the keyboard shortcut for “Export Bypassed Preview…” was overriding “Save LUT As…”


6 May 2015

  • Added DPX, JPEG, and PNG support to the preview image exporter.
  • Added the ability to export a “bypassed” version of the preview image.
  • You can now set a video frame as the default preview image.
  • Even more accurate REDcolor and DRAGONcolor color spaces.


23 April 2015

New Features

  • Added a “Combine and Mix with LUT” tool. You can find it under Edit -> Combine -> Combine and Mix with LUT…
  • Added an “Apply Expression” tool. You can find it under Edit -> Color -> Apply Expression…

LUT Formats

  • Added support for reading and writing the “Iridas Look” 3D LUT format.


  • Improved the Arri Look XML (Alexa look) reading color science. It’s now very accurate to what the camera will produce.
  • Exporting a non-33 size Amira Look would result in an invalid file. Saving or Exporting an Amira Look will now always resize the LUT to size 33.
  • Fixed a bug where the 3D view reset camera button would sometimes reset the LUT points as well.


13 April 2015

  • Lots of UI tweaks everywhere
  • Fixed a bug where opening an FSI LUT would hang the app.


1 April 2015

New Features

  • Added a “Batch Export” feature for a supplied list of LUTs. Use Shift-⌘-B or File->Batch Export LUTs… Drag and Drop as many folders and LUTs into the list as you would like.
  • Added a “Auto Adjust Scene Minimum” option to the Color Space converter for cameras with different ways of encoding their “Scene Minimum” values.
  • Added two video scaling features especially for the eeColor LUT Box.

LUT Formats

  • Added support for reading and writing the “Panasonic VLT” 3D LUT format.

User Experience

  • “Extended” range is now named “Full” range.


  • Fixed a bug where working with DPX preview images could cause crashes in some cases.


1 April 2015

New Features

  • Added a “Batch Export” feature for a supplied list of LUTs. Use Shift-⌘-B or File->Batch Export LUTs… Drag and Drop as many folders and LUTs into the list as you would like.
  • Added a “Auto Adjust Scene Minimum” option to the Color Space converter for cameras with different ways of encoding their “Scene Minimum” values.
  • Added two video scaling features especially for the eeColor LUT Box.

LUT Formats

  • Added support for reading and writing the “Panasonic VLT” 3D LUT format.

User Experience

  • “Extended” range is now named “Full” range.


  • Fixed a bug where working with DPX preview images could cause crashes in some cases.


14 March 2015

New Features

  • Added a “Batch Export” feature for the LUT currently opened. Use ⌘B or File->Batch Export LUT… Coming Soon: Batch Export for a list of LUTs.
  • Added a tool to apply Dolby PQ HDR (ST-2084) forward and Inverse equations. They can be found in Edit->HDR.

User Experience

  • Added a “Reset Camera” button to the Cube View


  • Fixed a bug where BMDFilm transfer functions could potentially create out-of-gamut results.


25 February 2015

New Features

  • You can now Isolate the Color of 3D LUTs with “not reversible” 1D components.
  • Added a “Make Reversible” feature for 1D LUTs that will go through a 1D LUT and “fix” the issues that make it not reversible. This is the same process that now allows us to isolate the color of a 3D LUT with a “not reversible” 1D component.
  • Added a “Compare to Identity” feature that lets you easily compare the current LUT to the identity of the same size and input bounds.

User Experience

  • When you Export or Save As a LUT, the list of available LUT formats is now alphabetized.

LUT Formats

  • Added a CTL LUT export format for both 3D and 1D LUTs.


  • Fixed a problem with Discreet 1D LUTs not reading or writing in the proper format
  • Fixed a bug where the app would crash if you tried to switch the video in the image preview.
  • Fixed a bug where occasionally user input in a text field would be ignored.


1 February 2015

New Features

  • Added an “Apply CDL” feature. Either create your own custom CDL correction or use “Browse” to import as many ALE, FLEx, CMX EDL, CC, CCC, and CDL files as you would like to choose from. Lattice will automatically parse all the CDL information and put them in a list for you to select grades from.
  • Added an “Apply CTL” feature. You can now apply CTL(s) to a LUT. Drag and drop into the list or click the “+” button to add CTLs, drag and drop to reorder, and click the “-“ button to remove the selected CTLs. You can also optionally download the ACES 1.0 distribution and it will be included in the CTL Module search along with a custom specified CTL module folder.

User Experience

  • There is now a “LUT processing” spinning wheel on the top right corner that will let you know if the LUT is being worked on at the moment.
  • When a LUT can’t be opened an error window now presents some information about why it failed to open.

Color Processing

  • Lattice used to improperly handle non-sRGB embedded colorspaces in images. This has been fixed. You can set in the Preferences whether or not to preserve the colorspace of an image when processing and viewing it. This will not affect the processing of the LUT at all.


  • Fixed an issue where converting to a 1D LUT in Mavericks resulted in an immediate crash.
  • Fixed an issue where a video would continue playing back audio after the LUT window had been closed.


19 January 2015

  • 1D LUTs now have a maximum display preview size of 65536 (was 1024)
  • You can now toggle the LUT Preview by using Shift-Command-T
  • Added a convenience tool for clamping a LUT 0 to 1
  • Fixed a bug with saving out scene linear processed images


12 January 2015

User Experience

  • When a LUT is finished exporting Lattice will post an OS X notification that, when clicked, will reveal the exported file in a Finder window.
  • Lattice will now offer to move itself to the /Applications directory if it is located somewhere else
  • Exponentially improved speed of reversing 1D LUTs
  • Fixed choppiness for large 1D LUTs in the graph view

Color Processing

  • Replaced trilinear interpolation with the more accurate and efficient tetrahedral interpolation
  • Added OpenEXR (Scene Linear) Image Preview support (OS X Yosemite and later)
  • Added REDcolor4 and DRAGONcolor2 color spaces
  • Added Panasonic V-Gamut color space and V-Log transfer function
  • Added Canon Cinema Gamut and Canon DCI-P3+ color spaces
  • Added new LUT comparison methods

LUT Formats

  • Added Lattice (.lattice) LUT format for preserving maximum precision (do NOT use for archival)


17 December 2014

  • Added Amira Look File (.aml) support
  • Added a False Color tool (Edit->Color->Apply False Color)
  • Compare LUT now uses Symmetric Mean Absolute Percentage Error (sMAPE)
  • Changed “Isolate Color” in toolbar to “Isolate Color (Contrast Referred)”
  • Made Output Bounds selectable
  • Added name support for FSI v2 LUTs


1 November 2014

  • Added a 3x3 Color Matrix tool
  • Added Blackmagic Cinema Camera and all RED Color Spaces
  • Added ProPhoto RGB Color Space
  • Added D50 White Point
  • Improved Resolve Cube support
  • Corrected S-Log2 Equation
  • Fixed a decent amount of bugs


9 October 2014

  • Added FSI DAT v2 support
  • Added Resolve Legacy cube variant
  • More lenient with potentially dubious CMS Test Pattern LUTs
  • Added Transfer Function compatibility checking
  • Fixed 3DL compatibility with Autodesk Products
  • Fixed bug with Nuke cube variant crashing on load
  • Fixed rare Export crash cases
  • Minor UI tweaks


17 September 2014

  • Added Export window
  • Added Hald CLUT LUT support
  • Reverting changes works as expected now
  • Default LUT format for saving/exporting is always the “Cube” format
  • Updated “Cube” Resolve Variant for compatibility with Resolve 11
  • Fixed a bug where metadata wouldn’t copy correctly when copying a LUT
  • Fixed a bug with Nucoda CMS writing
  • Fixed a bug with Resolve DAT / DAVLUT reading


2 September 2014

  • Initial standalone release.
  • FSI 3D LUT (.dat) Support
  • DaVinci 3D LUT (.davlut) Support
  • Swapped functionality of “Extract Color” with “Extract Color (Contrast Referred)”
  • Extract Color (Contrast Referred) now maintains the same input bounds as the origin LUT
  • Improved reversing precision for small 1D LUTs
  • “Rec. 709” transfer function name is now “BT.1886”
  • Rec 709 Luminance Weighting option for “Mix Curves” tool
  • Various bug fixes


13 August 2014

  • Resolve DAT 3D LUT read/write support
  • Arri Look write support (1D tone map only)
  • 3D graph doesn't reset the camera unless the LUT drastically changes size or scope
  • 3D graph dots are now derived from their source (identity) colors
  • Changed current "Isolate Color" tool to "Isolate Color (Contrast Referred)"
  • Added a new "Isolate Color" tool where "Isolate Contrast" of the LUT combined with "Isolate Color" of the LUT is equal to the LUT


31 July 2014

  • Added a Color Temperature adjustment tool
  • Added a CIE-XYZ colorspace that doesn't enforce a white point or gamma space
  • Bradford Matrix colorspace conversion support
  • Nucoda CMS 3D and 1D LUT support
  • "Legacy" variant for Autodesk 3D LUT
  • "High Precision" variant for Cube LUT
  • Fixed a bug with ILUT and OLUT formatters
  • Fixed a bug with 1D LUT video previewing incorrectly.


28 July 2014

  • Preview your LUTs on video files in real-time
  • Quantel (.txt) LUT support
  • DVS Clipster (.xml, .txt) 3D LUT support
  • Adobe RGB color space support
  • Easily export frames of video with your LUT applied
  • Easily set the current preview frame as the default
  • Output Bounds are now presented with separate R, G, and B
  • R, G, and B can be scaled independently
  • Max 3D LUT changed from 64 to 128
  • Drag-and-drop onto the preview view and settings panel works with more image file types or dragged directly out of Chrome
  • Fixed a bug where the gamma function could accidentally get disabled
  • Fixed some bugs when creating a new LUT
  • Fixed some crashes on save


14 July 2014

  • Added "DCI-XYZ" Color Space.
  • "Custom Gamma" transfer function support.
  • Fixed a localization bug with decimal places. A period now designates the decimal place in all languages.
  • 1D LUTs display image faster.
  • Fixed some bugs for tools that involve reversing a 1D LUT
  • Improved number parsing for cases where the number includes an exponent (e.g. "1.03e09").


3 July 2014

  • DPX Image support for the default image
  • Quick Look any compatible 1D or 3D LUT
  • Improved UI for Save As window
  • Color Space Conversion now allows a custom white point.
  • Isolate Color, Mix Curves (3D LUT), and LUT 1D Reverse now have a "proceed anyway" if the LUT curves are not completely reversible
  • LUT loading is a little snappier
  • Fixed an issue where you couldn't write Image-Based LUTs
  • All S-Log transfer functions (S-Log1, S-Log2, S-Log3) support
  • BMDFilm / BMDFilm4K transfer function support


26 June 2014

  • Initial Release
Color science & LUT laboratory

Version 1.8.22 — Release Notes

Requires macOS 10.13 or later.