Your color science laboratory.

Screenshot of Lattice, an application for previewing, transforming, and exporting LUTs.

Visualize and preview LUTs of any shape or size.

Do mad color science with precise tools.

Export to every file format.

All in one polished app.

Built for pros, by pros

Lattice is an essential tool for film and video professionals.

Colorists, editors, and cinematographers build it into their workflows.

Used on tons of major motion pictures, television shows, commercials, and video games.

Resize LUTs
Change the cube or curve size
Combine LUTs
Merge multiple LUTs into one
Reverse LUT
Turn outputs into inputs (for both 1D and 3D LUTs)
Extract Color from LUT
Isolate Color
Get just the color transform of a LUT, without affecting contrast
Extract Contrast for LUTs
Isolate Contrast
Get just the contrast of a LUT, without affecting colors
Edit LUT Channels
Mix Curves
Adjust and swap curves
Extract 1D LUT
Easily convert between 1D and 3D LUTs
Convert LUT to Monochrome
Convert to Monochrome
Make a LUT that isolates a single channel, or an average of channels
Export an image with a LUT applied
Image Export
Process your images easily and correctly, in 16-bit color
Advanced Tools

Apply color matrix. Analytically compare LUTs. Apply math expressions.

Limit. Clamp. Change strength. Invert colors. Scale output.

Your LUT is 3D. See it in 3D.

Use visualization tools to explore your LUT in a three-dimensional graph.

Interpolate between input and output to watch your colors deform.

Witness your transformations in a visually intuitive way.

1D LUTs are covered too, with a curves view.

Every LUT Format, One App

Seamlessly convert between LUT file formats with ease.

Lattice reads and writes every format you can think of. Even the weird ones.

3D LUT Formats

Apple Color 3D LUT .mga
Arri Look .xml
Arri Look File 2 .aml
Autodesk 3D LUT .3dl
CDL Correction .cc, .cdl, .ale, .edl
Cinetal 3D LUT .clt
CMS Test Pattern Image 3D LUT .tiff, .tif
Colorfront 3D LUT .3dmesh
Convergent Design 3D LUT .cdlut
CTL LUT .ctl
Cube LUT .cube
DaVinci 3D LUT .davlut
DVS Clipster 3D LUT .xml, .txt
eeColor 3D LUT .txt
Hald CLUT .tiff, .tif
ICC Profile .icc, .icm, .pf, .prof
Iridas ITX LUT .itx
Iridas Look .look
Lattice LUT .lattice
Nucoda CMS LUT .cms
Panasonic VLT 3D LUT .vlt
Pandora 3D LUT .m3d
Quantel 3D LUT .txt
Resolve DAT 3D LUT .dat
Unwrapped Cube Image 3D LUT .tiff, .tif

1D LUT Formats

AJA 1D LUT .txt
Blackmagic Design 1D LUT .ilut
Blackmagic Design 1D LUT .olut
Colorfront 1D LUT .1dlut
CSV 1D LUT .csv
CTL LUT .ctl
Cube LUT .cube
Discreet 1D LUT .lut
FSI 1D LUT .lut
IO Industries 1D LUT .lut
Iridas ITX LUT .itx
Lattice LUT .lattice
Lightroom Preset Curve .lrtemplate
Nucoda CMS LUT .cms

Import as 3D LUTs

Arri Look .xml
CDL Correction .cc, .cdl, .ale, .edl

Export as Approximate Looks

Arri Look .xml
CDL Correction .cc, .cdl

macOS Native

Lattice is made for the Mac.

Quick Look LUTs

See what a LUT looks like in Finder using Quick Look.

Easily compare multiple LUTs at once with a grid view.

Drag and Drop

Combine two LUTs by dragging them together.

Drag and drop images and video to preview LUTs.


Hardware acceleration with Apple's modern graphics stack.

Preview your LUT in realtime on video and images.

Lattice supports converting between many color spaces.

Color spaces for every occasion.

Leverage 64-bit floating point math to convert between color spaces.

Apply transfer functions. Use chromatic adaptation. No problem.

Color Spaces

ACES Primaries 0
ACES Primaries 1
Adobe RGB
Arri Wide Gamut
BMD Wide Gamut
BMDFilm (Legacy)
BMDFilm 4.6K (Legacy)
BMDFilm 4.6K V3 (Legacy)
BMDFilm 4K (Legacy)
BMDFilm 4K V3 (Legacy)
Bolex Wide Gamut RGB
Canon Cinema Gamut
Canon DCI-P3+
DJI D-Gamut
Fuji F-Log Gamut
GoPro ProTune Native
Panasonic V-Gamut
ProPhoto RGB
Rec. 2020
Rec. 709
Sony S-Gamut/S-Gamut3
Sony S-Gamut3.Cine

Transfer Functions

Arri LogC EI 800
BMDFilm 4.6K
BMDFilm 4K
BMDFilm Pocket 4K EI 3200
BMDFilm Pocket 4K EI 400
Bolex Log
Fuji F-Log
Gamma Function
GoPro ProTune Flat
Hybrid Log Gamma
Nikon N-Log
Panasonic V-Log
Phantom Log 1 Normalized
Phantom Log 2 Normalized
PQ ST 2084
RED Log3G10
RED Log3G12
Sony S-Log
Sony S-Log2
Sony S-Log3

Don't see what you need? Just ask. We add new ones all the time.

Industry Standard

Lattice interoperates perfectly with the rest of your workflow.


Apply ASC CDL Corrections (ALE, FLEx, CMX EDL, CC, CCC, and CDL files).

Cross-Convert imported ASC CDLs to .cdl, .cc, and .ccc files.

Approximately convert a 1D or 3D LUT into an ASC CDL Correction.


Apply a series of CTL transforms all at once.

Optionally install the latest version of ACES to easily create a LUT from an ACES workflow.

Adapt a 3D LUT for ACES workflows in Resolve.

Pro Image Formats

You can even preview with DPX, OpenEXR, and other production image formats.

View your 3D LUT using tetrahedral interpolation and your 1D LUT with linear interpolation.

Batch Export

Quickly and easily convert as many LUTs as you want to any of our supported output formats.

Recall different batch export options by saving and loading presets.
Filename Scheme
Use special keys to include the LUT's size, dimension, format, CCID source, and more in the exported filename.
Optionally choose a LUT to combine with all the LUTs you want to convert.

Watch & Learn

We've put together some video tutorials on working with LUTs using Lattice.

Color science & LUT laboratory

Version 1.8.22 — Release Notes

Requires macOS 10.13 or later.